Meeting Canada’s Requirements

Enhanced performance. Increased capabilities. Greater operational productivity. Proven in combat.

The Hercules is prized for its versatility and flexibility — getting the Canadian Forces where they need to go, when they need to get there — in a wide range of military and humanitarian missions under the most extreme operating conditions in the world.
The new C-130J Super Hercules builds on this impressive record:

  • It is ideally suited for the Canadian Forces needs whether national defence, humanitarian relief or military operations abroad.
  • It can carry more payload over longer distances, into and out of austere, high/hot, hostile environments.
  • It can take-off and land quickly, virtually anywhere (short airfields of dirt, sand, gravel or snow).
  • With integrated dual GPS/INS navigation systems it can perform airdrops and airfield location within 20-metre accuracy.
  • It operates safely in all-weather conditions, day or night, in the most austere environments.
  • Integrated defensive systems, “hotel mode” and faster climb times allow it to operate more safely under duress.

Given the expanse of Canada’s geography, and the nature of Canada’s international military and humanitarian commitments, it goes without saying that range is a critical capability for the Canadian Forces.

The C-130J meets this challenge. With 40 percent greater range than the C-130E, the J has an exceptional un-refuelled range of more than 3,000 nautical miles (5,556 km) carrying a payload of 13,600 kg (30,000 lbs). Equipped with a demountable air-refuelling probe, the C-130J is air-refuelable using any of Canada’s own – current or future – Air-to-Air Refuelers (AAR).

The C-130J can carry almost everything the Canadian Forces need in order to meet the demands of today’s lighter and faster ground forces.


Load it on and take it with you:

  • Stryker MGS
  • Coyote/LAV25 Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • Cougar Armoured Car
  • Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicles (M-113, M-577, Grizzly, Bison, LAV III)
  • Artillery (LG 1 Mark II 105, C1 105 M101, C2 105, C3 105, M-109A2 SP, M901)


The C-130J can carry more personnel:

  • 128 ground troops
  • 92 paratroops
  • 97 patient litters with 4 medical attendants